Sprouting Heads? — Photoshop Ruse

This morning while going through Pinterest (I can’t seem to get enough of that site, now that I’m detoxing from Facebook) and I I came across this picture of a woman apparently photoshopped to be carrying 9 babies. 

women, photoshop, bad photoshopping

The photo quickly becomes eerie if you look closely at the babies.

The photo was posted to what seems a Polish version of Pinterest. The kid’s face has been replicated 9 times and spread around the person’s clothes. The only “smart” thing the editor did was to change angles and hide the kid’s face to different degrees to give a “genuine” feel. 

Seems like it worked.

I reckon since the photo was of an African, and we are so used to seeing stereotyped versions of pictures coming out of certain nations, the editor got away with it.


One response to “Sprouting Heads? — Photoshop Ruse

  1. looks more like the guy just came out of a garage plastic surgeonshop

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