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Image Obsession: Beyonce’s unflattering photos from Super Bowl

The Tigress

The Tigress

So the internet is abuzz with news surrounding Beyonce’s performance and her publicist’s performance to make an utter fool of herself and her client. Following Beyonce’s exhilarating stint at the Super Bowl that received many accoladefrom all over went ahead and made her a laughing stock of the web.

The story goes that Buzzfeed uploaded 33 pictures from Beyonce’s performance titling them “33 fiercest moment” as a tribute to the star’s passion and energy. They even ended the article by calling her Queen B who runs the world!

But the star’s publicist, a symbol of the ever myopic, ever shallow herd of “image-makers”, contacted the website requesting them to take some of her pictures off the website.

Big mistake.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Passion is never ugly. Almost never.

Within three days of Buzzfeed revealing the request by Beyonce’s publicist, her”unflattering” pictures received more attention than they would have had they been left alone.

The web responded in its own unique way. It started a chain of “unflattering Beyonce memes” that ranged from nerdy to funny thus showing once again exactly who holds the power in the internet world.

Beyonce as Hulk and at the Olympics

Beyonce as Hulk and at the Olympics

I’m not sure how much Beyonce was involved in her publicist’s actions, but this decision reeks of bad judgement.

I get in a world obsessed with stardom and filled with photoshopped perfection, it must be a panicky feeling to not have complete control over one’s image. But common sense dictates the more you try to squelch something over the web the more attention you draw to yourself.


Aragon the wise

Unless of course that was their purpose to begin with. As the cliche goes: there’s no such thing as a bad publicity.

If that was the case, a job well done Team Beyonce.