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And then there was a photoshopped hand.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this post on New York Magazine website about the cover of June’s Marie Claire which features Sarah Jessica Parker. The post focussed on SJP’s hands (yes, hands) in the cover photo.

Baby hands anyone?

The lady, Amy Odell, had shared a link to jezebel.com website where the author quoted yet another blogger in saying:

“I daresay it was not SJP who wanted her hands Photoshopped to the point of total unrecognizability. I suspect she did not request her hands to be made to look like babydoll hands stuck on the ends of the arms of a confident 45-year-old woman.”

I agree that Parker’s hands are noticeably wrinkled and that photoshop job done on them is insanely bad. 

But did everyone miss the baby-smooth skin and almost-painted neck of SJP in the picture? 

SJP’s “flawless” skin

This isn’t the first time SJP has been a victim of bad photoshopping. Take a look at Feb 2010 issue of Marie Claire Hungary:

Jaundiced much?

In an attempt to shape her jaw, someone with an editing tablet missed out an edge of left jaw giving the face a lopsided feel. 

There’s also that terrible attempt at photoshopping her hair over her right shoulder.

Now admittedly, I could find only one website (celebrity.techwoo.com) that carries the above cover from Hungary. The original covers, it seems, date back to 2008 and seems from the same photoshoot. The right one is from the Turkish version.

A more healthy looking SJP

A more healthy looking SJP

I admire a good photoshopped job. But misshaped jaws, plastic-y skin, puffy baby hands, and painted hair just kills my high.